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Mr. Fitzpatricks Blackcurrant Cordial 500ml

Mr. Fitzpatricks Blackcurrant Cordial 500ml

HK$120.00 Regular Price
HK$98.00Sale Price
Blackcurrants are a classic superfruit,  rich in Polyphenols, Anti Oxidants & Vitamin C.  Blackcurrant or Cassis as it is sometimes known crosses the generations, loved by kids, parents & grandparents alike, this drink is definitely a family favourite.
Mr Fitzpatrick’s Blackcurrant Cordial is versatile too and can be served hot or cold, with still, sparkling or lemonade.
Diluted 1 part cordial to 3 parts water it also makes delicious ices, fruit teas or serve neat on yoghurt or ice cream.
And if that weren’t enough it also makes a great base for cocktails (try the Kir Royal Cocktail – champagne & Cassis – (very popular in France). Use in baking or as a simple versatile mixer.
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