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ICE POP - Sex on the beach

SEX ON THE BEACH ”POPTAILS“ ﹣ alcoholic ice pop! holy adulthood smile emoticon perfect for a day on beach or boat!! my dear friend, i will surely give you a try next time!! what you need are 1. Pineapple (half) 2. Raspberry (approx. 12 pcs) 3. VODKA!! (120ml) 4. Pomegranate liqueur (80ml) first, mix the pineapple + vodka with a blender until pureed. then mix the raspberry+ pomegranate liqueur with a blender too. Put the pineapple mixture into a ice pop mold and put the raspberry mixture on top. maybe half and half to create a layer of coloring. freezer it around 6 hours until solid. Put it into hot water for few seconds to release from mold.. DONE!!

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